J. Brix, ‘Rougarou’ Carignan, McCormick Ranch Vineyard, San Diego County, 2017

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

More Reason to 'Hygge'... So we are heading into a snowy weekend & what better way to spend it than 'hygge' with some great wine & food!

I recently drank my last bottle of the 2014 of this wine but the current vintage 2017 will do nicely.

100% Carignan from 40yr. old vines that have survived 2 wild fires! This wine epitomizes the ‘new cali winemakers’, those discovering long forgotten, neglected vineyards and coaxing from them fresh, wonderfully nuanced, well balanced wines. Bright red berries, slightly unripe red cherries, sweet tobacco with blood, iron, black peppery spice and dusty dry earth notes. This unfined and unfiltered rarity has perfect purity of balance between tannins and acidity. Put an ever so slight chill on it and boil some water.

pair with: pork ragu with spaghetti.

ground pork, diced pancetta, diced salami (cacciatore or sopressata), olive oil, chopped onions, chopped garlic, diced tomatoes, fresh thyme, crushed fennel seeds, bay leaf, salt, pepper, freshly grated parmigiano reggiano to finish.

sweat the onions in the olive oil, add garlic, pancetta & salami & then ground pork. once it's rendered the fat add the tomatoes, thyme, fennel seed & bay leaf, salt & pepper & let it simmer for an hr. at least so all those flavors meld together. cook the spaghetti, add the ragu & grate the parmigiano reggiano on top.

notes: you should always have a slight chill on your reds. let them tart out a tad cooler, as if just plucked from your cellar & watch them evolve & open up over time.