Los Pilares ‘La Dona’ Sparkling Muscat San Diego County 2017 Muscat

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

San Diego - 'Pet Nat'...

Michael Christian is one of the earliest pioneers in the San Diego County wine scene & Los Pilares is part of the rebirth of this old, unheralded wine region. The ‘La Dona’ spends 3 days on the stems & skins & frozen must from the harvest is used to complete the fermentation in the bottle, with zero other additions before, during or after.

This delicious un-disgorged Pet-Nat, shows very bright aromatics of tropical pineapple, candied ginger, funky yeast & slightly dying flowers on the nose. A refreshing, slightly bitter, peach pit bite with a bready texture/body & tannic grip, from the skin contact is balanced by just a touch of residual sugar & bright acidity, finishing with dried apricot & Parmigiano rind. And you gotta love the Los Pilares’ motto: “Good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

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