Klinec Sivi Pinot ‘Gardelin' Medana 1. Classe Goriska Brda 2013 Slovenia Pinot Grigio

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Sivi Pinot - Slovenia's Secret...

Established in 1918 & now run by the 4th. generation of Aleks & Simona, they only got back up & running in 1991 after the death of Tito, the disintegration of Yugoslavia & the subsequent independence of Slovenia. Practicing biodynamic farming, their Sivi Pinot i.e. Pinot Grigio is fermented in cement tanks with approx. 1 week of skin contact, aged 3 yrs. in large neutral Acacia oak barrels, un-fined & unfiltered, with minimal SO2 at bottling.

Wonderful nose of dried yellow flowers, oxidized yellow apple, peach, ginger & fenugreek. The palate is rich, salty & mineral laden, choc full of tart yellow apple & yellow plum skin’s, ripe apricot juice & dried apricot. Lovely back end grip again from the yellow apple & yellow plum skin’s, umami notes & a balancing backbone of bracing acid & dusty minerality.

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