Suertes del Marques ‘Medianías’ Viñas Viejas Tenerife, Canary Islands Spain 2016 Listán Negro, Vijar

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Volcanic master piece...

The grapes for the Medianías grow at 600 meters in the Valle de la Orotava on the island of Tenerife, that sits off the coast of Morocco in the Atlantic ocean & is part of the Spanish owned archipelago chain of volcanic islands known as the Canary Islands. Suertes del Marques have been selling grapes from their 11 hectares, comprised of all native varietals, since the early 1980’s, they began producing their own wines in 2006, from original root stock vines that range from 10 yrs. to over 150 yrs.

Made from Listán Negro 55%, Vijariego Negro 30% & Tintilla 15%, they are fermented in open top cement & plastic tank & then aged for 12 months in used French oak. Tart red fruits, herbs & pepper notes are entwined with a pleasant reductive, ashy volcanic mineral seam on the nose, a quick decanting allows some of the reduction to blow off & become integrated as a delicious component of the whole wine. The tangy fresh acid on the palate sets a refreshing tone, with tart red currants, tart cherries all sprinkled with white pepper jumping to the fore, along with a smoky eucalyptus note. A harmoniously balanced, refreshing red that’s best served slightly chilled & belies the 14% alcohol stated on the label.

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